Sabbath Strings is a result of the fellowship from music lovers in different Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in Central Florida.

Since most of our performances are done on Saturday (Sabbath) we decided to call ourselves "Sabbath Strings". After some years as a strings group, we ventured onto adding voices for some of our songs. We are now:  "Sabbath Strings and Voices".
Our objective as a group is to provide uplifting worship or ceremonial music for church related events.
Worship Time in Deltona Spanish Church!

About Us

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Wedding Form

January     20, 2017    Deltona Spanish  SDA Church (Worship)
February   24, 2017    Markham Woods  SDA Church (Worship)
March        31, 2017    Markham Woods  SDA Church ( Easter Program)

Our gratitude to Pr. Gonzalez and the Deltona Spanish SDA Church for allowing us to be part of a wonderful worship experience.

Also, we like to say Happy Birthday to our friend and first violin Victor L. Rivera!

Our First CD
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